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The Good Shepherd Baptist Church was incorporated in the State of Ohio on January 30, 1976, under the leadership of Dr. Harold E. Pinkston. The first official worship Service was held on February 7, 1976. Dedication services at our present location were held on February 23rd and February 29th 1976.

The name selected for the new church was The Good Shepherd Baptist Church, which is the name for Jesus our Lord and Savior, The Good Shepherd.

Dr. Harold E. Pinkston, was the pastor of The Good Shepherd Baptist Church until his retirement on February 4, 2001, and Pastor Rayford L.Harper was installed as pastor on April 7, 2002. He was pastor until January of 2007

The Lord has blessed Good Shepherd throughout the years with so many blessings. He has blessed us to be on the corner of Cleveland and Hudson Street for almost thirty-four years. Good Shepherd is now under the leadership of Reverend Charles W. Tatum. Pastor Tatum was installed on October 7, 2007, as the pastor of The Good Shepherd Baptist Church.